Apr 032015
Pyrex 8-Cup Measuring Cup/Bowl with Red Plastic Cover

Pyrex 8-Cup Measuring Cup with Red Plastic Cover. I love this bowl for mixing cookie dough, cakes and brownies. I also use it for letting dough rise. Bold read from above graphics New contemporary design ideal for measuring, mixing and pouring Nests for easy storage Non Porurous glass wont absorb

Jan 252015
How to Microwave and Eat a Meal from a Chinese Take-Out Box

Now, I’ve been eating Chinese take-out since I was a little girl. In fact, whenever I order pork fried rice, it brings me back to the early 1960’s, where I found the best ever pork fried rice at the Salisbury Beach amusement park in Salisbury, Massachusetts. It has been my

Sep 092014
My Favorite Hamburger and Hot Dog Bun Recipe

I can’t tell you how delicious these buns are. You are just going to have to trust me and try them yourself. They came out just as I hoped. Light, fluffy, and sweet. The texture is perfect and won’t fall apart. This recipe makes a nice loaf of bread and

Sep 042014
I'm Re-Learning How To Make Bread

French Bread Braid It has probably been over 30 years since I made bread. When I decided to make bread again, just a week ago, I found what I thought was a decent bread recipe and took the plunge. I found a simple Amish White Bread recipe on Allrecipes.com. It

Aug 222014
Spiral Vegetable Slicer Review

I have to say, this is the one kitchen gadget that I have the most fun with! When I first got it, I grabbed every vegetable I had that could be sliced. Apples, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and zucchini. The first thing I did was slice up some ribbon