Jan 252015

Now, I’ve been eating Chinese take-out since I was a little girl. In fact, whenever I order pork fried rice, it brings me back to the early 1960’s, where I found the best ever pork fried rice at the Salisbury Beach amusement park in Salisbury, Massachusetts. It has been my mission to find a pork fried rice that can compare to that little Chinese take-out stand at Salisbury Beach. I haven’t found one, yet, but I have come close.

Chinese Food StandNot the one from my childhood, but still brings back happy memories

In the early 60s, we spent a few Summer vacations at Salisbury Beach. It was in a small coastal town named Salisbury, Massachusetts, just south of the New Hampshire border. It had one of the best Amusement Parks, second to my favorite, Paragon Park in Nantasket Beach, MA. My favorite attraction of all at Salisbury Beach was the Scrambler. The operator would let me ride it as many times as I wanted without having to buy a ticket; I could ride that thing all day.

Salisbury Beach Fun-A-RamaSalisbury Beach Fun-A-Rama
The Scrambler RideThe Scrambler Ride
Salisbury Beach FunlandSalisbury Beach Funland

At the time, my mother was working at the Kon Tiki Lounge in Salisbury Beach. They used to have some of the best celebrities come to visit and perform. I’ll never forget the time my mom let us in to see Bobby Vinton sing Roses are Red. That was so cool!

Anyway, I digress big time! I started to post about the cool trick I learned to do with a Chinese Take-Out Box with the metal handle. You know the one I mean, right? This trick has probably been around for generations, but I just found out about it recently. Every now and then, I would prefer to just pop the container into the microwave, but because of the metal handle, it can’t be microwaved. I was afraid that if I tried to remove the handle, the whole thing would fall apart. So, I would have to find a plate or bowl, scoop out the contents of the container onto a plate, which is just one more plate to clean.

One day, it might have been on Facebook, I saw a post about how to convert the take-out box into a microwavable plate. When the handle is removed and the box opened, it flattens out into a heavy duty paper plate! Unbelievable!

Chinese Take-Out Box with HandleChinese Take-Out Box with Handle
Opening a Chinese Take-Out BoxOpening a Chinese Take-out Box
Unhook handle from box flapUnhook handle from the box flaps
Chinese Take-Out Box PlateVoila! Instant microwavable plate!
Chinese Take-Out Box Plate

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