Jan 232012

We moved to Tennessee almost two years ago, and I hadn’t made any cookies since I lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Every time my husband would stop at Food City (once or twice a month) here in Knoxville, he’d buy chocolate chip and M&M cookies from the bakery. I have to admit, they are delicious! But every time, I would say to myself, my cookies are way better!

You see, when I made cookies in Florida, they came out great. Nice and plump, not flat! Granted, some cookies are meant to be flat or thin, but not my Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies. They came out perfect. Nice and plump, and oh, so delicious!

So, over the Christmas holiday I decided to make chocolate chip and M&M cookies. Using the best tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe from Nestles, I made a couple of big batches of cookies, adding M&Ms to half of them. My cookies came out flat! What the heck??? That never happened before. They look and taste okay but they are too thin and will fall apart.
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