Feb 022014
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I don’t understand how 95% of the entire world can say they believe in God.

How can anyone believe in a God that allows famine, disease, violence, hatred, and poverty, when it would be so easy to change the world for the better if there were a God? I don’t understand it. It’s more like God playing a cruel joke on us, if he truly exists.

Why do people pray to God for healing or good fortune? But when someone dies, they say it was God’s will. God willed them to die? Why let one child die and not the other? Why my friend and not me?

Then there’s free will. We make up our own minds based on the temptations we face every day. This makes us accountable for our own actions. God does not interfere with the choices we make. We certainly can’t blame God for the bad choices we make, right? No, but we can pray for him to save us, heal us, make things right. If he doesn’t, then it was God’s will.

So, God can will people to live or die, but he doesn’t will us to make better choices. I still don’t get it.

When you die, your dead. It’s like going into a deep sleep. I love to sleep. I look forward to it every night. Of course, we really only appreciate how great we feel after a good night’s sleep when we wake up, after.

Problem is, when you die what if there is no after? There’s the number one question of the universe. Is there life after death? Is there a Heaven. Is there a Hell?

I think it is about fear, what we all fear. I’m afraid there is no life after death, but I also fear that I’m fooling myself to believe there is.

So, why do I say my prayers at night? Why do I pray to God that my family be healthy, happy and safe? Why do I feel like there is an afterlife? This feeling doesn’t come from my brain, it comes from my heart and soul. Maybe because I want it so badly, no matter how illogical it sounds. I want to see my loved ones again. There has to be a hereafter.

My brain tells me that there is no after. Science argues there is no after. My senses tell me there is no after.

But there are so many times in my life, experiences that I’ve had here and there, that tell me there must be a God, or at least an angel on my shoulder. I can’t be any more specific than that. I can’t really put my finger on it; I can’t prove it. There are some things that are just too personal for me to discuss here. But it always brings me back to the question, why me? Why would God listen to me or watch over me and not someone else? Maybe it’s just luck. Is there such a thing as luck? Here we go again. God or luck, either way it’s illogical.

Heaven and Hell. Well, I guess if there is a Heaven there should be a Hell. One balances the other. Isn’t it the threat of Hell that makes most people strive to make it to Heaven? Hell and damnation. The wrath of God. Sounds like a pretty good reason to keep people in line, wouldn’t you think?

Lord Henry Wotton: Life is a moment, there is no hereafter. So make it burn always, with the hottest flame.” –Dorian Gray (2009)

So, what do you think?

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