Mar 192014

I’ll never forget that terrible day, back in 1993, when Mama wasn’t doing so good. She was old, and had had several litters of kittens over the years. I think I had 11 cats at one time, all either hers or her grandkitties. Anyway, I didn’t want the vet to put her to sleep, so I kept her at home to care for her until the time came.

I had just met my future husband, Bob, and he was at work when it happened. She died in my arms while my son cried and helped comfort me. I wrapped her in a towel and place her in a box. Then, I called Bob at work to let him know.

When he answered the phone, I was sobbing and could hardly speak. I told him that Mama died. I was blubbering so much, going on and on, pouring my heart out, until he finally said, “Who is this?”