Oct 112011

I own and use most of the items on this list of kitchen gadgets, cookware, appliances, utensils, etc. Some, however, I came across during my “window shopping” and found to be interesting enough to post. I’ve only just begun to gather this list of kitchen gadgets and will be adding to it periodically, so please bookmark this page/post.

I moved to Knoxville a year and a half ago and still have a lot of things packed and stored in our garage. Every now and then I’ll think of something that I miss using and we go in search for it. The latest was my large roasting pan (11″ x 17″) that is great for baking a large pan of lasagna, a turkey, or chicken leg quarters. I was afraid I wouldn’t have room to store it but it fits nicely in the draw under my oven. I normally use my stainless steel roasting pan, but it is smaller.

I’ll give my honest opinion of these products and I’ll also try to think of items that I bought that did not live up to their expectations. This might save some people some money.

Just so you know, I’m an Amazon Prime member and the first place I look whenever I’m looking for something is Amazon.com. They usually have what I’m looking for at lower prices, and with Prime shipping I get everything in 1-2 days. Most of the items listed below were purchased at Amazon.com. I also have my Amazon Associate ID attached to the links. This means that anything you purchase after going through my links will earn me a small referral fee at no extra cost to you. These fees help me pay for my website. I don’t earn referral fees on my own purchases, so this has not influenced my purchase decisions. Please be assured that I am giving an honest and accurate review of these products.

Most of the following are items that I bought and use on a regular basis: Continue reading »